B.A., University of Chicago, with Honors
M.S., University of Chicago
J.D., University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law

Ron Dixon acts Of Counsel (part time) on cases at our firm where our firm has a technical conflict of interest in representing an individual. He also serves as an arbitrator in cases where we are allowed to name an arbitrator, such as in uninsured motorist vehicle cases. Ron also provides legal services for some of our clients an on ad hoc basis. Most of those cases involve either railroad work, including FELA cases, or cases where sightedness is in issue. Ron recently worked with Jim Costello on a case for an individual who was visually impaired as a result of a car accident. The case ultimately settled for $1 million.

Ron has the distinction of being a former client of the firm. In 1985, Ron was employed as an engineer for the Chicago & Northwestern Railway Company. While driving home, a vehicle in which Ron was traveling was involved in a collision. Ron lost his sight in the crash.

The course Ron’s life took after Ron lost his vision falls somewhere between “extraordinary” and “unbelievable.” As a sighted young man, growing up in Markham, Ron graduated close to the bottom of his high school class. Ron then enlisted in the U.S Air Force, where he did well. After receiving his Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Airforce and Air National Guard, Ron joined the Chicago & Northwestern Railway Company as a break man. Later, he was promoted to an engineer. Ron was a highly respected member of the C&NW.

After losing his vision, Ron wanted his sons to have a father they continued to look up to. Since he could no longer see, Ron re-enrolled at Prairie State. He was advised by his vocational rehab counselor, as a newly blinded individual, to take only two courses. Ron wanted to take four. Ron’s lawyer, Jim Costello, suggested that he take three courses. Ron’s reply, “I need to take four courses if I’m ever going to graduate.” During the next two years, Ron received a single grade of “B.” The rest of his grades at Prairie State were straight A’s. Ron maintained a 3.72 GPA and graduated with Honors. Ron went on to obtain his Masters Degree in Sociology from the University of Chicago. Ron then turned down a full ride to Northwestern University’s law school in order to go to school at the prestigious Boalt Hall School of Law, located in Berkeley, California. Ron graduated from Boalt Hall School of Law in 1994.

Ron clerked at our firm while in law school. He also worked at the Illinois Attorney General’s Office and, as a lawyer, with the U.S. Department of Social Security. Several years ago, Ron moved back to Chicago, where he has worked in private practice and part-time for our firm.

Ron lives in the south suburbs and is the proud father of three sons.